Brands in these sectors have strong relationships with OSM

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics brands value our understanding of design and how we respect and, maintain this right through from development to mass production.


Our range of skills and services are ideal for fashion brands. We understand how to bring product to life, that express the designers' exacting requirements.


Outdoor and sports brands are pushing the boundaries of what's possible when it comes to product innovation. By working with us, they can tap into our expertise to realise their visions.


Professional equipment must be built to survive the harsh demands of the workplace. We design for robustness, and manufacture for value. B2B brands appreciate our rigour in developing products fit for the harshest environments.

Our specialties

We excel at sophisticated and technically challenging products.
Consumer electronics
Engineered soft goods
Industrial electronics
Materials development
Scaleable mass production
Sustainable product development

How to partner with OSM



Product innovations, produced through ideation to customer brief. Product upgrades and design revisions. Designing for manufacture.


Product development

Secure, single source for all your development and engineering needs.


ODM (Original Design and Manufacturing)

Complete in-house design, development, and manufacturing of market-ready products.


JDM (Joint Design and Manufacturing)

We partner with you to maximise effective use of our combined resources.



You choose from our wide product capability and services to minimise your resource needs. We also work with a network of trusted partners we have collaborated with over many years.


Manufacturing services

Our manufacturing expertise makes the products you (or we) design. We adhere to your specifications and quality standards and deliver quality products on time.

  • Experience, resources and Swedish design sense
  • Hundreds of millions of products shipped since 2004
  • We own our own factories in Asia
  • Proven partnership approach and methodology
  • Ideation to Development to Manufacturer to Ship
  • Focus on compliance, sustainability and CSR
  • Presence in Europe, Asia and USA
  • Dedicated, experienced team with strong track record

Over 350 million products delivered since 2004

Join us and grow

We’re excited about the future of design and manufacturing. People today want high quality products with more sustainability. The opportunities for OSM are huge because we’re all about adapting, innovating and improving.


And we’re always looking for people to join our journey.