Product Sustainability

OSM is making a considerable ongoing investment to support genuine sustainability with eco-friendly design and materials.

The new normal is here to stay

We believe genuine sustainability is not just a trend, but a long-term proposition that will be the only way to do business. It’s driven by the preferences of educated, affluent shoppers and the need for brands to be authentically socially responsible.

We are experienced product manufacturers that have worked with numerous brands. In our view sustainability comes in two flavours:

1. Token sustainability – This involves including a sustainable element in products that enable them to be marketed with a “green” angle. However, in reality such products contribute little to the objectives of saving resources, recycling or reducing carbon footprint. Activists call this “greenwashing”.

2. Genuine sustainability – Products that have a measurably low environmental impact and/or are designed for recycling.

We don’t judge brands for decisions made in the face of harsh market realities. Token sustainability raises awareness and is a superior approach than ignoring the issue entirely.

Sustainable product development – EOL design

We can design for end-of-life principles, such as DfDRR (Design for Disassembly Reuse and Recycling) and C2C (Cradle to Cradle).

Smart EOL design can cost-effectively offer brands a competitive advantage in genuinely sustainable bragging rights.

Customers that work with us get objective and accurate assessments on the environmental impact of their design choices. And practical ways forward to greater sustainability.

Sustainable product development – material science

When it comes to sustainability, current material choices are often confusing. Not all “sustainable” materials are created equal. Blending traditional and sustainable materials often results in a null net effect.


We aim for products made from as much recyclable or biodegradable material as possible – 100% is the target, but only simple products can currently achieve this.


We are currently heavily involved in assessing the practicality of materials from a growing number of genuinely sustainable producers. Many of these materials are extremely promising, and we actively encourage collaboration between materials producers and brands.

OSM keeps the brands that work with us informed about the latest developments in genuinely sustainable materials. We work to give brands real competitive advantages in sustainability via trend-setting shopper preference.

Our Certification

Meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements

Compliance considerations are at the core of the OSM way.


We keep our designers, engineers and merchandisers up-to-date with evolving regulations.


Our commitment and strong relationships with internationally recognised labs ensures compliance peace of mind for OSM brand partners.