How OSM Group Became Successful in Acoustics

Over the years, while OSM Group has been in the business of acoustics- and noise cancellation engineering, we have built up a full suite of audio measurement and development equipment, simulation software, and custom radio frequencies audio shield boxes. We see acoustics and audio combined and the interplay between the different disciplines.

OSM_Mattias“OSM Group became successful in acoustic development because we have a good understanding of all the related fields when it comes to – Acoustic-Vibration interaction, mechanics, electronics, and to a growing extent, software, firmware, and digital sound processing. We are also in the design phase of our third-generation test system to meet the requirements we expect for the next five years”, says Mathias Hemberg, Senior Technical Advisor, OSM Group.

Over 40 engineers work within the research and development stage, they apply the relevant skills to cover all the different aspects a project may require. In many instances, our Product Architects will review customer platform ideas and seek alignment or make a proposal to add improvements which are reviewed and signed off by all stakeholders.

When everything is signed of and the documentation is in place, the team uses design- and simulation-tools to model various parts of the project to the extent possible, and then draft a solution plan on how to proceed. The goal is to have as much information in the early stages of the project before building a prototype to reduce cost and time spent.

OSM Has Long Experience In Noise Cancellation & Hear Through

OSM built the first advanced pilot headset for all various models of airplanes and helicopters in 2004. It was OSM’s triple Hybrid design mating Feedforward, Feedback and Predictive Noise Cancellation technique using low delay analog and digital sound processing.

We have, over the years, gathered plenty of knowledge in Noise Cancellation and enhanced our experiences in all aspects, from Feedforward, Feedback, Hybrid, Analog, and Digital, as well as hear-through, which is a switchable function that allows external sound to be heard through the headphones if desired.

Hear-through uses built-in microphones to enhance external sound and focus on people’s voices, custom filtering, and Digital signal processing development; VOX stands for “voice-operated” and is also referred to as “voice-activated transmission”. With VOX switched on, the microphone always listens to your voice. When it detects you are speaking, it will automatically start transmission and other related functions, returning to stand-by when the talker has ended.

We Have Built Our Own Measurement & Development Equipment

To meet the customers’ requests and produce products with quality, OSM has built up a full suite of audio measurement and development equipment, simulation software, custom Radio Frequencies, and audio shield boxes.

“Most important is that we also have a full complement of skilled and experienced R&D professionals who know how to apply rigor in development using such tools”, says Mattias Hemberg.