OSM Group Delivering High-Quality Electronic Products

OSM Group possesses comprehensive in-house capabilities for designing and manufacturing innovative electronic products. Our expertise lies in industrial headphone design, including hearing protection, communication devices, and radio communication solutions.

OSM_Group_Ted_Chong_EmployeeOver the years, we have expanded our Bluetooth product portfolio to include in-ear, true wireless, on- and over-ear headphones, as well as headphones with active noise cancellation and Bluetooth speakers. This achievement is made possible through strong internal collaboration among our departments in Stockholm, Hong Kong, and Huizhou, China. Across all locations, we have experts in design, acoustics, electronics, mechanics, and software.

“Our commitment to designing 100% of our products in-house allows us to control costs and ensure superior quality for our customers,”, says Ted Chong, Senior Director of Product Development.

Unlike other Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) companies, OSM takes pride in its Swedish heritage, emphasizing customized solutions that align with customer preferences. Our goal is not to be the cheapest ODM supplier, but to offer technical expertise in specific audio electronic categories while focusing on quality and sustainability.

We work to reduce power consumption

“Being present in both China and Europe gives us a unique advantage in understanding and meeting the diverse demands of customers who require local or international branded components and IC manufacturers,” says, Ted Chong.

Bluetooth headphones were first developed in 2004, while hearing protectors have been in use for several decades. Initially used by the military, hearing protectors were later adopted in workplaces to comply with safety regulations introduced in the 1980s. OSM has remained at the forefront of electronic solutions by closely following industry trends and innovations.

To enhance our products, we are collaborating with leading-edge Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) algorithm providers and partners. This integration addresses the growing consumer demand for Active Noise Cancellation in audio products.

We have also observed an increased preference for Bluetooth with low energy audio, which reduces power consumption and extends battery life in our products.

Furthermore, we have observed an increasing demand from customers for sustainable products and materials. For many years, we have incorporated not only recycled plastic but also nature-derived materials into our designs.

“Each customer is unique”

At OSM Group, customer satisfaction is paramount. When initiating a new project with partners, we assemble a small team comprising essential members, such as a business developer, product architect, product developer, and occasionally executives, to study requirements and conduct an initial assessment.

“Each customer is unique, and we strive to understand their priorities and adapt accordingly. We consider cost, time, and quality, often referred to as the ‘impossible trinity,’ where two of these factors take precedence over the last,” says, Simon Gidlund, Product Architect in the Research & Development division of OSM Group.

OSM Group Offers Help Within:

Throughout the years, OSM has garnered significant experience in designing and manufacturing the following audio product categories:

1. Hearing protectors

2. Bluetooth headsets

3. Radio communication systems (e.g., walkie-talkies)

Additionally, we are exploring adjacent product categories where our internal technical expertise can be leveraged:

4. Bluetooth speakers

5. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) headsets