OSM Making High End Equipment for Better Workouts


The functional weighted G-vest that OSM is producing for OMORPHO is now on the market. OMORPHO´s mission is to simplify the pursuit of a fit life. Therefore, they created a solution to design a fashionable yet functional training vest, that stays close to the body and feels comfortable due to how the weight is being distributed.

OMORPHO believes everyone deserves a fit life, even for those who are not able to go to the gym, the G-vest is easy to bring wherever you go, you can use it for strength training at home, hiking or group workouts both indoors and outdoors. This is a high-performance premium sports item for athletes who takes their training seriously.

OSM_Alex_M“This was the first apparel and accessory product of its kind for OSM. We haven’t produced anything like this before and it was a fun challenge for us. The panel forming tooling needed to be highly specialized as all panel forming tools were very large. They required a unique design to be able to quickly change tools for all designs and sizes”, says Alex Moorhouse, Senior Product Development Manager, OSM.

OMORPHO Trusted OSM in Executing to Their Specifications

For OMORPHO it was important to find the right manufacturing partner to ensure the success of producing the best possible soft goods product. They looked for a manufacturer that not only had the capabilities to produce OMORPHO´s product, but also had an entrepreneurial mentality and an eye for innovation.

“OSM is that partner for OMORPHO. We trust them to execute to our specifications. We look for their experience and guidance to help us even further improve the efficiencies associated with manufacturing our Gravity Sportswear. There is a mutual understanding between the two companies and there is a lot of room for growth. We see our relationship growing even further and expanding to new products”, says Noah Gold, Head Of Communication, OMORPHO.

“This is a client with a unique product”

OSM strives to produce the best possible products that both we and the customer can be proud of. The idea OMORPHO had behind the design was to ensure total comfort and freedom of movement when working out.

“The relationship with them has opened a new potential path of product development that we simply did not have before, like premium sports apparel and accessories. This is a client with a unique product and set of requirements therefore it is exciting and challenging for our people to be working with them, it’s also very satisfying to have built a product like G-vest. We have seen many start-ups in the past that have failed after the first order, but OMORPHO seems to be different, and we hope they will grow even bigger because they have the genuine potential”, says Alex Moorhouse.

About OSM Group

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