OSM Constantly Strive To Minimize Our Environmental Impact

OSM Group works with various materials & technologies to strive towards minimizing our impact on the environment. We do this by constantly engaging, exploring and experimenting with new materials, such as eco and recycled EVA. “We need to be innovative and responsible towards our customers, and that’s why we have developed our work in EVA lamination,” says Simon Masters.

The process of transforming one or more materials into sheet form through lamination has been propelled forward by us. We are working to transform it by using sustainable products from the environment such as algae and cornstarch.

The benefit of our approach is the creation of an exceptional laminated core that is both 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable. This represents a groundbreaking leap in material technology, perfectly aligned with our vision of a more environmentally friendly future.

We have harnessed the potential of recycled EVA to breathe new life into materials that might otherwise become waste in landfills. Our method replicates the performance of virgin materials but in a far more circular and eco-conscious manner. By integrating our processes with water-based adhesives and incorporating ‘eco’ fabrics in both the outer and inner layers of the laminate, we have significantly bolstered the sustainability aspects of our products, empowering us to fulfill our customers’ aspirations.

“We never rest on our laurels; rather, we continuously research and experiment to not only achieve our environmental objectives but also meet our customers’ expectations of producing products with a reduced impact on the planet. Our commitment is to create a future where innovation and sustainability walk hand in hand,” affirms Simon Masters.