OSM Group Develops And Produces Solar Charging Speaker for Urbanista

Urbanista is introducing the ‘Malibu’ self-charging speaker, developed by OSM Group. The speaker has the ability to play music endlessly whenever exposed to indoor or outdoor light with Powerfoyle™ technology.

Three Swedish companies join forces to contribute to a more environmentally sustainable world through the launch of an innovative new speaker – Malibu. Crafted from recycled plastics and materials, this speaker represents a harmonious collaboration between Urbanista, Exeger and OSM Group. Notably, it harnesses the cutting-edge technology of Exeger’s Powerfoyle, which draws power from both indoor and outdoor light sources. This ensures that the speaker remains powered up while minimizing its environmental impact.

Designed to resonate with eco-conscious consumers, the speaker encapsulates the ethos of sustainable living. Whether you’re at home or on the go, it promises to be your ultimate companion for responsible sound enjoyment. Moreover, its robust design offers waterproof capabilities and protection against sand, dust, and dirt, making it an ideal companion for all types of adventures.

In a world where environmental concerns are paramount, these Swedish companies are making a bold statement by creating a product that not only delivers high-quality audio but also helps reduce our carbon footprint. This innovative collaboration serves as a testament to the power of technology and sustainable practices working in harmony to create a greener future.

“So happy to be part of this cool and innovative release from Urbanista! Where great portable sound meet great design, ruggedness, and endless hours of music listening. Using Exeger’s Powerfoyle, powered by both indoor and outdoor light. If you treat this wireless speaker right, you probably never have to charge it,” says Daniel Rossing, Director Business Development & Sales Account Management, OSM Group.

By using the companion app it gives you deep customisation options such as fully customizable EQ band, so you can adjust the speaker’s audio to meet your taste. The app also helps you keep track of the speaker’s live light-charging and historical data to make the most out of your playtime.

Malibu speaker comes with a full day battery reserve, making sure you will never run out of charge, no matter the lighting conditions. Putting you in complete control of your audio experience, with Malibu you can effortlessly take charge of your audio with the speaker’s intuitive control buttons or connect up to two devices together with the Stereo Link function for a true stereo experience.

“We have been excited to continue to progress and innovate the audio market with brand new applications of the latest in solar cell technology. We knew as soon as we launched our self-charging headphones, Los Angeles, that we would be striving to apply this innovative technology to create a new way of consuming audio, to other product applications for our customers. We continue to push the pace and boundaries of innovation as this is our third light powered product launch in three years. To bring yet another world’s first product with Powerfoyle™ technology to market is something we are very proud of and we are excited to see the adventure people go on with Urbanista Malibu,” says Tuomas Lonka, Brand and Marketing Director at Urbanista.

*provided speaker is exposed to correct levels of sun/light