Patrik Ågren, CEO: “Our Journey Has Just Begun”.

OSM Group has evolved from producing simple accessories and give-aways in 2004 to transforming its business, competences, and organisation to be able to develop and manufacture solar powered headphones, hearing aids, engineered soft goods and much more for some of the world’s most recognizable companies.

OSM Group’s mission and vision is to provide a customer-centric experience. This means taking control of all parts in the value chain and focusing on in-house production rather than depending too much on outsourcing. Patrik Ågren, the current CEO, joined the company in 2015 to steer OSM in the correct path during this difficult phase of the organization’s development.

Patrik comes with a wide range of experiences in leadership, general management, sales, supply chain, outsourcing and manufacturing. Prior to OSM Group, he worked in various global, and APAC based roles with a strong focus and closeness to the business itself, Having the same ability in OSM is why he joined OSM. “It was an opportunity to combine all my earlier experiences into an CEO role and to challenge not only myself, but also the company by turning the business and organisation into a new direction,” says Patrik Ågren.

The goal was straightforward: shift course and manage the business more effectively and efficiently to generate the margins required to build the in-house capabilities and competencies required for the journey.

A focus on determined leadership across the organization is critical to success. Patrik believes that communication is a paramount element to able to drive the company forward with positive energy during challenging times. He also believes that having the correct people and creating the right environment are crucial.

“Having the mindset that all problems in a business are a leadership problem, is a healthy way of looking at ownership. Ego and a lack of self-reflection are powerful enemies of leadership. If you want to create a workplace where everyone works together with a solution-oriented and continuous improvement mindset, it is crucial that you always have a mirror in front of you, so you can reflect on who is ultimately responsible,” says Patrik Ågren.

It’s never simple to lead a large organization in a fast-paced business environment, but Patrik finds this to be both challenging and inspiring. He never feels like things are becoming routine because there are constantly unanticipated changes taking place. In 2015, there were about 500 employees at OSM; today, that number has increased twofold.

“I’m happy and proud that we now have over 1000 employees who earn their livelihood by working for OSM. How we continuously transform OSM to meet our new opportunities and challenge ourselves further motivates me.”, says Patrik Ågren.

It is crucial to have leaders who firmly believe in the future vision and work tirelessly to achieve our goals of how we want to steer the organization in the direction we need. The ongoing handling of constant change is what drives Patrik personally. You can always build, improve, and improve again.

“It’s clear that, what the future holds for OSM is up to us to define. It’s great to know that, with whatever vision we have, we can develop products that others find difficult. Our journey has just begUn, and we are here for our customers and to make them famous. We started off with simple accessories and giveaways and have since evolved to producing sophisticated solar-powered headphones and top-notch outdoor gear. Nobody anticipated in 2004 that we were going to do advanced electronic products and engineered soft goods and integration of them both,” says Patrik Ågren, CEO, OSM Group.

About OSM Group

OSM Group is Swedish Original design manufacturing (ODM) partner for global OEM’s making complex on-trend engineered soft goods, consumer electronics and industrial products. We offer end-to-end Design, R&D, Product development,and Engineering capabilities, Retail packaging capabilities and supply chain management solutions
We have more than 1,000 employees, and operate in Hong Kong, Philippines, Sweden, USA & India.
Since 2004 have created hundreds of millions of successful, high-quality products shipped to our growing roster of clients worldwide. We specialize in creating cutting-edge engineered soft goods, consumer electronics, and industrial products for renowned global brands. Our passion lies in crafting complex, on-trend creations that captivate consumers and push industry boundaries.

Products we design, develop and manufacture:

• Headphones
• Wireless
• Audio
• Bluetooth Speaker
• ANC Headphones
• Portable speakers
• Electronics
• Design
• Soft Goods
• Outdoor products
• Back Packs
• Coolers
• Tablet covers
• Computer bag
• Waterproof bags
• Sports bags