Rachel Li: “Working For OSM Group Made Me A Better Person”

OSM Group is a customer centric company, to meet customers expectation and to be able to develop and always being one step ahead there are employees with different backgrounds.

To be able to meet our customers and have high quality of the products we deliver, it is important to constantly see and help the staff in their improvement. Rachel Li is one of those who has been working for OSM Group in over 15 years and started because she saw that OSM prioritized the customers value highly.

OSM_Rachel“It is a great honour to develop product with our customers. OSM Group constantly transforms to meet the needs of the market. I have seen the strong vitality of OSM. I hope that we will become more and more powerful and prosperous”, says Rachel Li, Soft Goods Manager OSM Group.

As a Project development manager, it is important to meet customers’ expectations and in this position as Rachel has, she controls customers validation and material development. The difference of working here is clear; “The development of every company is not smooth. I am very lucky to meet different colleagues and growth stages that has given me room for development.” , says Rachel.

Currently she is working together with a team in the engineered soft goods area, where the team are developing for example workout vests, carrying cases and other type of accessories to provide quality parts to high level electronic products, all of which are challenging but also a delight to do.

“I can feel my own growth and constantly feel that I can do things. Working for OSM has made me a better person, because of the benefits working with the team and always being able to enhance myself to be able to produce and improve better products.”, says Rachel Li.

About OSM Group

OSM Group is Swedish Original design manufacturing (ODM) partner for global OEM’s making complex on-trend engineered soft goods, consumer electronics and industrial products. We offer end-to-end Design, R&D, Product development,and Engineering capabilities, Retail packaging capabilities and supply chain management solutions
We have more than 1,000 employees, and operate in Hong Kong, Philippines, Sweden, USA & India.
Since 2004 have created hundreds of millions of successful, high-quality products shipped to our growing roster of clients worldwide. We specialize in creating cutting-edge engineered soft goods, consumer electronics, and industrial products for renowned global brands. Our passion lies in crafting complex, on-trend creations that captivate consumers and push industry boundaries.

Products we design, develop and manufacture:

• Headphones
• Wireless
• Audio
• Bluetooth Speaker
• ANC Headphones
• Portable speakers
• Electronics
• Design
• Soft Goods
• Outdoor products
• Back Packs
• Coolers
• Tablet covers
• Computer bag
• Waterproof bags
• Sports bags